Coffee is the kind of traveller…

....who blends in and becomes native wherever it goes. Everywhere in the world people have their own way with coffee. When you take a sip of coffee, you're taking a sip of local culture.

Sunday 09/05/2021
28/03 Đinh Tỵ

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F2 – For Phin

1 kilogram

Intense, Strong


Chọn mua

E2 – Espresso

1 kilogram



Chọn mua


100 Sheets

Aroma & Clean Cup


Chọn mua


La Viet Coffee is a local coffee company, located in Da Lat city, Viet Nam. We grow, process, roast and brew coffee. Our team are passionate about coffee. We love to discover all the good things for coffee and share that with all coffee lovers. As we know, good coffee becomes more meaningful when shared […]

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Quán cà phê rang xay Sài Gòn mang đến bạn trải nghiệm “ngon như ở tiệm” ngay tại nhà

Nếu làn sóng thứ 1 nói đến sự bùng nổ của dòng cà phê hoà tan, và làn sóng thứ 2 là giai đoạn nâng tầm, đánh dấu sự xuất hiện của những khái niệm espresso, latte, barista…, thì tại làn sóng thứ 3, thưởng thức cà phê được xem là quá trình “chiêm ngưỡng” thành […]

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Improving Vietnam’s Coffee Quality, One Variety At A Time

Although it is the world’s second-largest coffee producer, Vietnam has never had a reputation for producing high-quality Arabica. Robusta accounts for the majority of beans grown in the country, meaning that the likeliest place you’ve experienced Vietnamese coffee is in espresso blends—where it’s added for crema-improving qualities—or as instant, freeze-dried powder. This year, three domestic […]

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