Coffee is the kind of traveller…

....who blends in and becomes native wherever it goes. Everywhere in the world people have their own way with coffee. When you take a sip of coffee, you're taking a sip of local culture.

Monday 30/11/2020
15/10 Bính Tý

A story about Saigon alleys
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La Viet in Saigon
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The story of La Viet phin
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There is no secret to proper coffee…

...except every step from farm to cup has to be done with technique, mindfulness and sensation. The cherries are hand-picked at their peak of ripeness, processed within the day, then brought to life by our passionate roasters. For us, there is no specialty coffee. There are only special people who make coffee with all their hearts.

Đà Lạt Serie 1 – The 1893

250 grams

Dried Fruit, Black Tea, Bitter-Sweet


Chọn mua


Trọn Bộ


Chọn mua

Special House Blend

1 kilogram

Smooth, Subtle


Chọn mua

Improving Vietnam’s Coffee Quality, One Variety At A Time

Although it is the world’s second-largest coffee producer, Vietnam has never had a reputation for producing high-quality Arabica. Robusta accounts for the majority of beans grown in the country, meaning that the likeliest place you’ve experienced Vietnamese coffee is in espresso blends—where it’s added for crema-improving qualities—or as instant, freeze-dried powder. This year, three domestic […]

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Vietnam’s Arabica Push on La Viet Dalat

-Cafe culture: the Western-style brews at La Viet Coffee in Dalat are something of a novelty in the town. During a meal on a farm outside Dalat, Cil Ha Sen recalls how government officials dropped off arabica coffee seedlings to his community in 2001. Before that, they had mostly survived on tubers and by trapping […]

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